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From The Desk Of: Meri Aaron Walker, MA

Dear friend,

Are you ready to learn the secrets that experts use to get top approval ratings for their online meetings?

How would you like to learn how the PROS setup and manage virtual meetings that get the results they need from clients, coworkers, and suppliers - without them having to drive or fly anywhere to see them?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading as you will soon learn that and more!

Every day another new internet conferencing tool is debuting online. As the global financial crisis continues and fuel and airline travel costs keep skyrocketing, people are starting to wise up to the costs of their face-to-face meeting habits... and they're looking at internet meetings as a solution.

And they are! Not just for big corporations. For independent business owners, too!

To take full advantage of online meeting tools - especially if you're someone working from a home office - you have to understand a little bit about technology.

But it's not that hard.

You also have to understand how virtual meetings are DIFFERENT from face-to-face meetings. And you need to know how to plan for them, so you can use them to create and maintain the rapport you need to take care of your most important business asset - your relationships with clients, coworkers, and suppliers.

It's not rocket science planning and managing online meetings, but you do need to do a few things RIGHT to be sure you get the RESULTS you want.

If you have that information, you can use virtual meetings to save some real money. And I'm not talking abut $100 here and there. I'm talking about pocketing between $5K and $50K per year - or more!

If you understand how to THINK about virtual meetings, you can save some REAL TIME, too. Time you can use for WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT instead of squandering your vitality in crowded airports and bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic.

The simple fact is, from now on...

...The People Who Know This Information Are Going to Always Have More Money - And More Time For What Matters To Them - Than The People Who Don't!

That's the truth, plain and simple...

If you know how to tap into this new technology and make effective use of FREE virtual meeting rooms, then you can recover a huge volume of resources for yourself - and for your clients and coworkers - and look really smart. All at the same time.

Virtual meetings are powerful stuff and not to be taken lightly! Your rich friends have been using them to save big bucks for a couple of years now.

But, you can't find a good source of the secrets about how the pros use them, until now...

Introducing... The Coach's Short List!

"The Coach's Short List" is a powerful, short little book in which I reveal the real secrets the pros use to plan and manage virtual meetings that get them just the results they need ... without ever having to step into a car or onto a plane to explain a document to an important client, manage a project team, or verify accounts or specifications with a supplier.

This book literally is a connect-the-dots blueprint for tapping into all the ease and efficiency you can experience when you know how to meet whenever you want, from wherever you are, and get things done quickly. It doesn't matter whether you're meeting with people whose offices are across town, across the country, or across the world! You can meet with people from the comfort of your own office, a coffee shop, or anywhere else you can get on a high-speed internet connection. It's true!

In "The Coach's Short List" you will learn a half-dozen things you simply can't afford to overlook when you're planning virtual meetings. These are the things that make ALL the difference. They're the very things you MUST do if you're going to get results with people when you're NOT face-to-face with them.

I called it "The Short List" for a reason! Know why? I've condensed 15 years of hard-won experience into this little book so you can save yourself the headaches of having to learn things the hard way. Especially now, when you can't AFFORD to damage your most valuable client relationships by messing around ...

But The Best Part Is...

  • You Don't Need To Spend The Next Month Reading And Playing Around - You can use these crucial secrets - and the templates I include - to start having great online meetings in FREE meeting rooms right away.
  • You Don't Need Much Time To Start - These secrets do not require you to go get an MBA as they are just going to be added to the regular ways you're already working and communicating with clients!
  • You Don't Need Much Money! - These ideas and practices aren't going to break your bank - I promise! In fact, they're going to SAVE you huge amounts of TIME and MONEY!
  • You Don't Need to Be A Techno-Geek! - Following this simple blueprint, you will have no problem even if you are a newbie to virtual meetings. A 6th grader could do this! (In fact, 6th graders are already using VM rooms a lot!)

...You Can Get Started Using This Information In Record Time! No Matter What Your Experience Level Is!

I'm sure you're saying, "But I'm new, will this work for me?" ... If you are looking to start saving some real money and time by using the computer and internet connections you've already got, instead of pouring your nest egg down your gas tank, then yes, this is for you... You can save from $5K to $50K - or more - over the next 12 months!

You really can't be all that successful unless you know the information in "The Coach's Short List." It's as simple as that!

You're Going to Learn How to Create Online Meetings That Get You Real Results And Stellar Ratings From The People You're Meeting With! This is Not Some Fly-By-Night Ripoff!

I'll be sharing over 15 years worth of hard-knocks experience and more inside "The Coach's Short List!"

Here Are A Few More Things You Will Learn:

  • The One Thing You Absolutely MUST Do As A Virtual Meeting Host(ess)
  • A Simple Way to Make You Look Like You've Been Doing This For Years (page 3)
  • Exactly Which Things You Can't Afford To Skip In A Virtual Meeting ... (They're not what you think)
  • Your Strongest Weapon For Keeping People Focused On Your Meeting Objectives
  • The Real Thing That People Want From You In Online Meetings And Will Reward You Again and Again For Giving Them (page 5)
  • How to Make Your Meetings So Much Fun -and So Productive - That Everybody Will Want To Meet With You Online (pages 14-19) And More!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

"But I'm Not Stopping There..."

I wanted to give you another killer tool that will help you be even more successful ... So I am throwing in...

Virtual Meeting Door Signs, Volume 2!!

These hilarious - and highly effective - door signs are a $19.97 value!

I'm including them with this order so you will have all the help you need directing traffic around you when you're having virtual meetings. You can print them and hang them wherever you need to let people know you need their cooperation! Pick the one - or ones - that will get you the kind of attention you need...

Combine this with "The Coach's Short List" for a killer combo!!

This Is Your Big Chance To Get My Closely Guarded Virtual Meeting Secrets!

It really is that simple. You can have my exact secrets and there is no need for some ENCYCLOPEDIA of knowledge or another six months of expensive and frustrating experiments to turn your meetings into winners! All you need is this package!

You really can be as successful as the Pros and have people begging you to meet with them online - so you can all save your time and hard-earned money for WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT!

Here's What The Very First Reader of "The Coach's Short List" Emailed Me Completely Unsolicited!

"...this should be in the hands of every small business person who can read English!"

I just got done reading your "Coach's Short List" and loved it. Actually, I think this should be in the hands of every small business person who can read English because it pertains to all of us, no matter what kind of professional services we're selling.

It also opened my eyes to things I didn't even realize and I found myself noticing throughout the book how much I just needed to pre-think a few things and this would be a BREEZE for me! I'm following your advice and I've already got three key clients meeting with me online. Want me to send you a bonus for all I'm saving?"

Thanks again, Diane Johnson Johnson Sparks Associates

It's Currently Dirt Cheap, But Not For Long...

The price on this package is currently only $17.97. Yes, you read right. Only $17.97.

Yes, this package is an unheard of steal! Just the bonus alone is worth almost double that!

So, why am I making this kind of expert knowledge available for this price?

I'm just launching the new Madhatter's Tea Parties and the Bootcamp program at So, I'm offering this special to celebrate.

But I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this price.

Like they say, "Information is FREE, but KNOWLEDGE is EXPENSIVE!

This is knowledge you just can't afford NOT to have, so I hope you'll TAKE ACTION NOW to guarantee you get this great price. Don't miss out!

YES Meri! I want this right now!

You can grab this incredible offer right now using PayPal

Please follow through with the payment process completely until you get your passwords.

Buy the Short List Now!

I truly hope you see the potential here and realize how important this offer is to your bank account this year ... and to the amount of time you're going to free up to do what's really important to you!

At this price, you really can't afford NOT to get yourself the kind of support you need to pocket big savings this year.

See you soon online!

Meri Walker, MA "The Virtual Meeting Coach"

P.S. - Remember that you get my little book, "The Coach's Short List," and the hilarious virtual meeting door signs both for peanuts! Don't let a few dollars stand in the way of learning such powerful business secrets! Not now, when you really need to be saving...

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Disclaimer: Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, services, effort and motivation to work and apply the information. There is no guarantee that you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.

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